design, programming, and happy clients.


May 22, 2012
Old Lyme Inn
Julia Balfour

The team at Julia Balfour are some of the most hardworking, intelligent, and energetic people I’ve worked with for quite some time. Their spirit and enthusiasm for design never fails to impress and is evidenced in their work, which always exceeds my expectations. They cover a broad spectrum of services, and are quick to provide recommendations and guidance where they see fit. I would recommend them highly to any business or organization (local or corporate) for any and all interactive, design or marketing projects.
Bethany Pellerin, Old Lyme Inn

May 10, 2012
Chamard Vineyards
Julia Balfour

After 6 years and many exciting changes I still meet locals that have never been to Chamard. I see this as untapped potential. Julia and her team have designed a platform for us to showcase all that we do and all Chamard Vineyards has to offer. The website relates our story with images, words and style and most importantly it sells. I wanted the site to make people that had never been here want to visit us. I also wanted it to provide a way for our loyal fans to keep in touch with us. And, it had to work for us to meet our goals.

Julie is solid on the technology and had programing solutions to match our business needs. The process was easy and exciting and I see our partnership with Julia Balfour as an integral part of Chamards ongoing growth and success.
Bridget Riordan, Chamard Vineyards

May 10, 2012
Amber Jewelry
Julia Balfour

Julia accepted an epic task from us- to bring into being an elusive, representational logo for a product that is impossible to draw, Baltic amber, which is amorphous. As such, we’d only had a blah generic text logo for several years. Yet Julia & her team managed to evoke a fascinating, original form for us, one which authoritatively captures the spirit of amber. It’s not just a logo, but the birth of a brand.

Our logo has it all. It illuminates the profound relationship between our gemstone & nature. It has straight lines & curvy ones. It has thin lines & thick lines. It draws on a colorful aspect of Polish culture (the art of papercutting) that stands out visually from the pack. I suspect it subliminally has a Coca-Cola-like ribbon in it which somehow insta-brands it in the deepest part of the brainstem. Turn it upside down, left, or right & you can see the form is lovely & perfectly balanced as well as fascinating. If you see it isolated, you want to know what it is attached to.

I’m ready to print this thing on the moon, let alone web/collateral & packaging!

The process was also rigorous, fun, open & Julia is generous with her insights. This was the total package. We look forward to finding ways of sustaining our relationship with Julia Balfour now that we have this great start.
Holly Chmil-Jones, Amber Jewelry

May 10, 2012
The Day
Julia Balfour

“Julia Balfour and her team were fantastic to work with throughout our engagement. From brand creation to site design, they possess true talent and deliver a high quality product. They listened to our needs and worked with us to create the most elaborate rewards site for our members. They went above and beyond our expectations and even after launch still are available to answer any questions or needs we have. I highly recommend Julia Balfour for any website and creative needs. Thank you so much for an amazing site and extension to our brand!”
Katie Fox, The Day Publishing Company

January 3, 2012
Shoreline Perks
Julia Balfour

“Working with Julia you immediately realize what an undeniably gorgeous design sensibility she has.  But she’s more than a designer and can handle a website’s nuts and bolts as well.  She gave us confident, reliable guidance throughout, but also really listened to us.  I have, and will continue to recommend Julia and her team to everyone who asks, and even to some who don’t.”
Faulkner Hunt, Publisher, Shoreline Perks

January 3, 2012
Alpaca United
Julia Balfour

“Julia Balfour and her creative team of trend setting young professionals understand consumers, client expectations and deadlines. I can recommend them without reservation.”

Alpaca United, L3C retained Julia and her team in the first quarter of 2011 to create and manage an integrated marketing plan designed to brand, promote and educate the US consumer (women 18-50) on the the performance characteristics  of Alpaca Fiber, the most luxurious textile in the world.

This work included but was not limited to the following:
– generate positive publicity on the founding of Alpaca United, L3C
– research, design and implement a brand logo and product tag line
– design, implement and maintain a social media strategy on Facebook, Twitter etc.
– design and build a trade/consumer website
– design, build and manage an international textile trade exhibit in Barcelona, Spain
– design and produce a portfolio of graphic elements from business cards to banners.
– at all times maintaining  the highest professional standards with attention to detail, deadlines, costs and project quality supported with an uncommon work-ethic.
Nick Hahn, Alpaca United

January 3, 2012
Julia Balfour

“I’m not sure where I’d be without Julia Balfour, certainly not where I am now! When I had Julia redesign my email template two years ago, ad revenue and subscribers shot up. The poster she did for my e-fair not only won awards but helped drive 1200 people to the event. After we distributed the rack card she designed this summer, weekly subscribers doubled. She tackled my website this year and, given the restrictive format, did a gorgeous job. I don’t make a design move without her.”
Erica Tannen, The-e-list

January 3, 2012
Ashlawn Farm
Julia Balfour

“Julia Balfour Design captured immediately the tone and personality of Ashlawn Farm. They were able to give life to their perception through their creation of our award winning website. We have received lots of compliments on our website and we have happily passed the Julia Balfour name on to customers looking to upgrade their company image. Besides possessing the ultimate in technical and design acumen, Julia and her group are fun and super easy to work with!”
Carol Dahlke, Ashlawn Farm