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Caitlin Monahan

Project Manager & Marketing
April 6, 2016
JUL: Websites With Heart™


In honor of small business week, Julia Balfour is now offering small businesses top-of-the-line, custom, WordPress websites for all your needs. We’ve taken our experience building websites for enterprise-size businesses and streamlined the process to make it easier for everyone to make the web beautiful and friendly again. We’ve even created custom systems (we call them the JUL Rows) designed for the everyday webmaster to easily maintain – so your site is 100% yours. We never want to stand in between you and your content.

These sites are completely responsive, so they look as amazing on your phone and tablet as they do on the desktop computer. Also, it’s worth mentioning again that every site is CUSTOM. That means no one-size-fits-all, hey-that-site-looks-just-like-mine. This is your website, with heart.

A bit about WordPress: it’s the leading CMS (Content Management System) that allows businesses to be in complete control of their content without having to know how to write code. 25% of all websites are on WordPress, including The New York Times, Spotify, Fortune, TED, and Vogue. Your site will be the heart of all your marketing, it will be positioned for all digital marketing to drive to – your social media, search engine, or display advertising will bring your customers here to make that sale.

Here are four sparkling examples of JUL websites we made for Scully Land Design, Alicia Winalski Custom Jewelry, Katrina A Wall – Essex Dentist, and Caulfield & Ridgway recently.

Call the JUL team for more info. We’d love to chat.
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December 10, 2014
GDUSA Health + Wellness Awards

We HEART our healthcare clients, and so does GDUSA! 3 of our excellent clients have been honored with GDUSA Health + Wellness Design Awards for their websites. Check out the winners here:

Encircle Healthcare


Comprehensive Research Center



The William W. Backus Hospital




December 10, 2014
Our GDUSA Print Design Winners!

The GDUSA Awards have announced winners are we are psyched to be included! Here are a few of the logos and design pieces that won:

Lyme Consolidated School Logo


Hadlyme Country Market Posters

The Lift Factor Shop Talk Mailer #1


The Lift Factor Shop Talk Mailer #2

Hadlyme Country Market Holiday Card


High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Holiday Market Series


High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Symphony Invite

High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Save the Date


The William W. Backus Hospital Cancer Kiosk for the Boutique at Backus



October 30, 2014
We’re GDUSA American Graphic Design Award Winners!

JB is at it again! Our wonderful clients have been honored with FIFTEEN GDUSA American Graphic Design Awards, and we are so proud. These awards honor both print and web work, so everyone gets to join in on the fun.

These five websites were winners:  Sanford L. Smith & Associates, The Fashion Class, Peanuts & Panko, BOLD Public RelationsEncircle Healthcare.

Here they are below, stay tuned for our PRINT winners!

Sanford L. Smith & Associates




The Fashion Class



Peanuts & Panko



Bold Public Relations



Encircle Healthcare


April 9, 2014
3 Reasons To LOVE Twitter

We’re all atwitter for our social media crush! If you don’t LOVE Twitter like us, here’s a few reasons why you should embrace it. For those of you who Tweet daily and have hundreds of thousands of followers, to those that signed up for an account 3 years ago and never Tweet because you still don’t “get” hashtags (it’s ok, they really aren’t that scary, we promise), and anywhere in between, you will appreciate this.

1. Twitter is an AMAZING listening tool. If you run the Twitter account for a brand, LISTEN to your customers! Talk to them, too, because they want to talk to you (we’re all just humans trying to connect to each other, after all). FOLLOW all of the big boys (and girls) in your industry, and hear what they have to say. You’ll always be in the know about the next big thing.

2. Those big boys and girls that we talked about, are easily accessible on Twitter. Where else can you talk directly to company CEOs, or your favorite bands and brands? TALK TO THEM! Ask about their ideas on new trends. If you have a question for a chef on recipe substitutes, ASK! If you want to tell an idol how much you admire them, go for it! Look at you being proactive and forward.

3. Get HIRED! Twitter can absolutely be professional. Our most recent recruit came to us through Twitter. He tweeted some awesome logos that got our attention, and we reached out. Don’t be afraid to send love letters to your DREAM job to get them to notice you.

Got it? Now get Tweeting! @juliabalfour


April 7, 2014
Beyoncé & Bulldogs: 3 Secrets to Being a Badass

This weekend, our fearless leader gave a presentation at the CADC Student Conference at UCONN. We thought we should share her wisdom with you here.

JB_UCONNPresentation JB_UCONNPresentation2 JB_UCONNPresentation3 JB_UCONNPresentation4 JB_UCONNPresentation5 JB_UCONNPresentation6 JB_UCONNPresentation7 JB_UCONNPresentation8 JB_UCONNPresentation9 JB_UCONNPresentation10 JB_UCONNPresentation11 JB_UCONNPresentation12 JB_UCONNPresentation13 JB_UCONNPresentation14 JB_UCONNPresentation15 JB_UCONNPresentation16 JB_UCONNPresentation17 JB_UCONNPresentation18 JB_UCONNPresentation19 JB_UCONNPresentation20 JB_UCONNPresentation21 JB_UCONNPresentation22 JB_UCONNPresentation23 JB_UCONNPresentation24 JB_UCONNPresentation25 JB_UCONNPresentation26 JB_UCONNPresentation27 JB_UCONNPresentation28

January 31, 2014
Backus Hospital’s Cancer Kiosk won an American Package Design Award

We couldn’t be prouder to tell you all that Backus Hospital’s Cancer Kiosk for the Boutique at Backus WON a GDUSA American Package Design Award! We absolutely LOVE this piece: it helps people in their hour of need by providing support and resources, while looking stunning and sleek. We are SO glad to hear that GDUSA loves it too!




January 6, 2014
New to Beta: the-e-list

The-e-list’s new website is ready for beta! We’ve put countless hours into this website, and we think it is absolutely beautiful – so we are sending our baby out into the world! Since 2008, the-e-list has been the go-to resource for info on the best of the best of the CT shoreline, and we are ECSTATIC to be a part of bringing Erica’s vision to the web. We hope this website will help locals and visitors alike eat, shop, and live well.



December 6, 2013
Happily debuting the Hadlyme Country Market

The Hadlyme Country Market is all about encouraging old fashioned hospitality – they love to say that it is always in fashion, and we agree :-) BUT there is noting old fashioned about their BRAND NEW microsite! This site captures the beautiful look and feel of the newly renovated store and it’s hidden treasures. It also features a What’s New blog section, scrolling gallery, interactive Google map, and all the information you need to know about Hadlyme’s greatest kept secret, which we hope won’t be secret any longer. See it here:

November 27, 2013
Boldly presenting the BOLD PR microsite

BOLD PR is a premiere public relations agency located in New York City that represents the “best and the boldest” in the beauty industry. We are so excited to design a striking microsite for Jodi Balkan, President, and her team. Some features of the site include a live twitter feed, interactive Google map, and an easter egg photo of the darling Roxy the dog. Check it out at

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