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Julia Balfour

Julia Balfour

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April 22, 2013
Yay! GDUSA Winners!

We are pleased as punch to announce that six of our websites have won GDUSA 2013 Awards! Thank you to all of our amazing clients for their partnership on these wonderful projects!



Eileen & Taylor



Mystic Arts Center



Old Lyme Inn



Sweet Luna’s






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March 14, 2013
High Hopes ~ Save the Date

High Hopes Save the Date by Julia Balfour

March 8, 2013
Feed Me Logos ~ Round 1

by Julia Balfour

I have a few rules for logos. They have to be memorable, unique, simple, and scalable. Below is the beginning of a logo system for one of our favorite clients, Feed Me.

We always design a logo system, not a single logo lock-up. That system typically breaks down to: a mark or monogram, a horizontal logo lock-up, and a square logo lock-up. For this suite, we’re going to include a badge lock-up as well. Above are a few options that we presented to our client today. This is the start to a great new logo system… Take a look. What’s your favorite?



March 7, 2013
This is it.

If You are Waiting for a Sign ~ Julia Balfour, LLC

March 6, 2013
Our Latest Creation: Backus Hospital’s Responsive Website

We’re so excited to announce, with our friends at Backus Hospital, their new responsive website. The site was a collaboration with the Backus Marketing team, combining the latest on health and hospital news. All of our sites are a joy to work on and this was no exception. When we proposed a responsive website last year, it hadn’t yet been determined “the latest thing”. Lucky for us, our great clients at Backus trusted us, and our web predictions were right on the money. Responsive website design is now a must-have. Take a look:



Backus Hospital - #responsivewebsite


February 1, 2013
Day 26- All I Want is You

January 31, 2013
Day 25- You Are My Sunshine

January 30, 2013
Day 24- You Are Really My Type

January 30, 2013
Question Everything. Trust Yourself.

A little mid-week inspiration from Good Fucking Design Advice. Just what we needed today!

January 29, 2013
Day 23- You Look Really Good Today

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