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April 9, 2014
3 Reasons To LOVE Twitter

We’re all atwitter for our social media crush! If you don’t LOVE Twitter like us, here’s a few reasons why you should embrace it. For those of you who Tweet daily and have hundreds of thousands of followers, to those that signed up for an account 3 years ago and never Tweet because you still don’t “get” hashtags (it’s ok, they really aren’t that scary, we promise), and anywhere in between, you will appreciate this.

1. Twitter is an AMAZING listening tool. If you run the Twitter account for a brand, LISTEN to your customers! Talk to them, too, because they want to talk to you (we’re all just humans trying to connect to each other, after all). FOLLOW all of the big boys (and girls) in your industry, and hear what they have to say. You’ll always be in the know about the next big thing.

2. Those big boys and girls that we talked about, are easily accessible on Twitter. Where else can you talk directly to company CEOs, or your favorite bands and brands? TALK TO THEM! Ask about their ideas on new trends. If you have a question for a chef on recipe substitutes, ASK! If you want to tell an idol how much you admire them, go for it! Look at you being proactive and forward.

3. Get HIRED! Twitter can absolutely be professional. Our most recent recruit came to us through Twitter. He tweeted some awesome logos that got our attention, and we reached out. Don’t be afraid to send love letters to your DREAM job to get them to notice you.

Got it? Now get Tweeting! @juliabalfour


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