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January 24, 2014
INSPIRE Healthcare
Julia Balfour

The team at Julia Balfour, LLC are continually INSPIRED by the healthcare industry and their unwavering commitment to helping people. As such, we are honored to help THEM help their COMMUNITY. Here are some examples of how we have done just that.


Established in 1893, The William W. Backus Hospital health system includes a not-for-profit, 213-bed hospital in Norwich and numerous off-site locations. We completely redesigned their website to make it uncluttered and easy to navigate. Their old site was very content rich, but users were overwhelmed and confused by how to find the right content. The goal was to redesign, refine, and simplify the site’s content and user flow so that users could connect and engage with the hospital. The site allows visitors to access the information that they need and eliminate excess information. Content pages have a singular and clear “call to action.” More people go online to learn about their health than to shop or read the news. We utilized the rich content Backus had to build a hub for health information and resources in Connecticut.



Encircle Healthcare is a technology solutions company specifically geared towards providing healthcare partners with the most efficient solutions to optimize communications and strategy. Encircle had a site that was out of date and did not reflect their position as a leading technology provider. They were looking for a new site that would reflect their commitment to the most innovative medical technologies and also highlight their list of 300+ partners. Using a responsive, Julia Balfour Signature WordPress website and a fresh logo system, we were able to give them that and so much more. We also designed for Encircle a custom, informative exhibit display to engage potential partners.



Hamburg Cove Endodontics needed to establish a brand for the new office location in Lyme, Connecticut. The location directly on Hamburg Cove, a well-known and picturesque waterfront location on the CT shoreline, along with the OUTSTANDING office space set this practice apart from the rest. They can offer a truly luxurious experience, previously unheard of in root canals. Dr. Safaian needed a professional, clean, and easy to navigate website for her patients to experience the quality of her work at a glance. We accomplished that goal with a Julia Balfour Signature WordPress website that showcases the beautiful space on Hamburg Road and entices patients to come from near and far.



Comprehensive Research Center is dedicated to performing clinical research trials that help improve the medical industry by providing community feedback, information and developments. CRC was an emerging branch of Comprehensive Psychiatric Care that required its own site to showcase the important work being done in medical research and clinical trials. Julia Balfour created for them a Signature WordPress website that focused on providing the maximum amount of information in an organized, uncluttered, and easy-to-navigate layout and design. Participants, doctors, researchers, and community members will find everything they need here.



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