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August 30, 2013
Comprehensive Research Center
Julia Balfour

We’ve done plenty of our own research and technical trials and are finally ready to launch Comprehensive Research Center’s new website! Check it out at


August 10, 2013
From Bean to Bottle to Box!

No junk mail here! This is a structural mailer what we created for Illy Coffee to promote their bottled beverages line. The design tells a story that goes from BEAN to BOTTLE. (It even has a special compartment for delicious chocolates, because everything is better with a little chocolate.)

August 1, 2013
Hi there!

Greetings and salutations! My name is Caitlin and I’ve been a part of the Julia Balfour, LLC team since May, but I am only making my membership blog-official now! I just graduated from Mount Holyoke College in May with a degree in English, and moved back to my roots on the CT shoreline right after. I started volunteering at High Hopes Therapeutic Riding this past summer and the lovely staff there introduced me to Julia! The rest is history! My role here is Office Manager/Communications/Copywriting/Social Media. I love to help the team in whatever way I can!

Favorite Food: Caprese Salad
Fears: Winter

Favorite Time of Day: 3:00pm

Favorite Place to Visit: 
New York City
Crazy About: Hair dye, cats, organizing, Parks & Recreation, sushi, vintage, horror movies