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June 26, 2012
Define Your Lifestyle
Julia Balfour

There’s one question we get all the time when it comes to social media. How do I sell my product? The answer is a simple one, though not always easy to swallow.

You don’t. Social media is not for selling.

Social media is for sharing your lifestyle as a brand. It’s for introducing others to your company through intrigue and entertainment.

New Media expert Brian Solis outlined the idea that social networking sites are now considered a form of entertainment. (Read his article on the subject here.) Think about that. You have music, TV, movies, and social media. What entertains you? Would you want to turn on a TV channel that’s all generic commercials, all the time?

No. But you do tune into shows, watch movies, and check out new bands that you feel represent parts of your personality. If you’re passionate about food, cars, or fitness, it’s reflected in your entertainment and lifestyle choices. It’s also reflected in the brands you choose to like on Facebook.

If that brand did nothing but try to sell you something, that would be annoying, right? On the other hand, if they share their ideas, what makes them tick, and a peek at their life, you’d be hooked. And you’d be willing to listen when they do have a marketing message for you.

So turn off the commercials. Create content that reflects your lifestyle, and turn strangers into brand addicts.

Give your Facebook fans a peek into your lifestyle!

Even business related news should be delivered in a way that is consistent with your lifestyle.

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